This project was born out of the need for carefree people. The idea is to produce a wine that is not necessarily gastronomic but a wine that is capable of keeping us company. We needed a light and pleasant wine, so it was natural to think of a sparkling wine obtained by vinifying the grapes in the most natural way possible, a Pet Nat (abbreviation of Pétillant Naturel). An organic wine with bubbles obtained by refermenting it in the bottle through its frozen must.

Denomination:  Vino frizzante Bianco

Vineyard Area: grapes come from vineyards estate owned in San Martino

Grape variety: 0,5

Vine growing:  5.000 vines per hectare, cordon spur trained

Grape variety:  100% Pinot noir, 20 years old on average

Exposure: West.

Harvesting: at the beginning of September, after a careful selection in the vineyards,  the grapes are hand-picked and carried to the cellar in cases

 Yield: 2 500 l per hectare

Vinification: Alcoholic fermentation in white. Without skin and at controlled temperature. A part of the flower must was immediately frozen and then returned to the mass of wine before bottling.

Maturation: on its fine lees for 6 months

Refining: in bottle for at least 5 months, the period in which the refermentation takes place in the bottle

Production:  2.400 bottles

Organoleptic features: Bolleggio is an ancestral wine. The nose reveals a pleasant freshness and balsamicity, with strong mineral hints typical of the Bertinoro terroir. In the mouth it has a nice verticality, citrus fruits, with a simple but at the same time enveloping and balanced bubble.