This wine comes from the desire to make wine just as it was once . A search of experiences that belong to us but we have abandoned and forgotten over the years . InTerra it did in the land from which the grapes come from, a wine ancestral able to reconcile this with our past .

Denomination: Romagna Sangiovese Superiore DOC

Vineyards: grapes come from a small owned vineyards  called Vigna del Sole

Vineyard area:  Vigna del Sole 0,5 hectares

Vine growing:  5.000 vines per hectare, cordon spur trained

Grape variety:  100% Sangiovese, 13 years old

Altidude:  100 meters above sea level

Exposure: South-east

Harvesting:  after a careful selection in the vineyards, the grapes are  hand-picked and carried to the cellar in small crates at the end of  September

Yield: 4.000 l per hectares

Vinification:  alcoholic fermentation with indigenous yeasts and  maceration on the skins for 60 days  in 400 and 600 litres Georgian amphoras

Maturation:  in amphora for 6 months, unfiltered

Production:  492 bottles

 Refining:  in bottle for at least 8 months

Characteristic features:  InTerra is an ancestral wine. The nose is aromatic,  with hints of minerals. The palate is alive, dense and mature  in tannins, agile and very balanced.  Vibrant on the final with his austere fruit.