This wine is for us a return to the past when the Albana was the main grape variety vinified in our Estate . “Frangipane” is the name of the Countess of Bertinoro “Aldruda Frangipane” famous for her heroic participation in the defense of Ancona under siege by the German imperial troops.

Denomination: Romagna Albana Secco DOCG

Vineyards: grapes come from vineyards estate owned in San Martino

Vineyard Area:  1.27 hectare

Vine growing:  4.500 vines per hectare, duplex system

Grape variety:  100%  Albana, 17 years old on average

Altitude: 200 metres above sea level

Exposure: West

Harvesting: at the beginning of September, after a careful selection in the vineyards, the grapes are hand-picked and carried to the cellar in small  cases

Yield: 4000 l per hectare

Vinification: alcoholic fermentation without the skins at a controlled temperature

Maturation: on its fine lees for 6 months

Refining: in bottle for at least 1 month

Production:  6.000 bottles

Organoleptic features: Frangipane is a fresh and flavor wine. The color is pale, sign of a wine grape  early ripening . His acidity and flavor  give it a pleasant drinkability.