A wine that tells the story of our region, Emilia-Romagna, land of culture and knowledge. It boasts a fruity intensity, nuanced extraction and  unique sense of balance, obtained from the estate’s oldest vines. Its name reveals a specific geographical and historical connotation: “Petra Honorii” was how Bertinoro was known during the gothic wars.

Denomination:  Romagna  Sangiovese Riserva  Bertinoro  DOC

Vineyards: grapes come from a small, estate owned vineyard named Vigna Vecchia

Vine growing:  3.000 – 4.800 vines per hectare, cordon spur trained

Grape variety: 100% Sangiovese

Altitude: 100 metres above sea level

Harvesting:  after  a  careful  selection  in  the  vineyards,  grapes  are hand-picked and carried to cellar in September

Vinification:  alcoholic  fermentation  in  stainless  steel  vats  under  controlled temperature

Maturation: Part in a large barrel and part in tonneaux for about 12 months

Refining: in bottle for at least 16 months

Average production: 6.000 bottles

Organoleptic features: intense ruby-red colour with purple hints;  intense nose with strong notes of red fruits, particularly currants,  blackberries and blueberries, along with a plum-jam aroma. Sharp, minerally and pleasantly spicy finish. The palate is fine, elegant and  perfectly balanced with freshness supported by correct alcohol and softness.