During the week and every weekend you can come and visit our cellar and taste our wines. If you have never visited a wine producer, it is an experience that we absolutely recommend you do because it will allow you to experience and understand what is in that glass that we often turn on itself to grasp all the aromas and stories that it conceals itself.

Ours is not an industry, we are wine artisans and what we do respects the seasons, our traditions and the land where we grow our grapes.

We will be there waiting for you

When you arrive in the cellar there will be one of us to welcome you. If you are lucky, Lidia will be the one to make you visit otherwise you will have to settle for Emilio or Stefano who you only find on weekends.

We strongly believe in the value of traditions and sharing, for this reason we have decided to commit ourselves to welcome you to our cellar and tell you who we are, how our work is carried out and how our wines come to life.

Today, more than ever, we feel that there is so much need to preserve and disseminate the precious legacy that has been left to us and which is part of our history. We will tell you how a wine is born and how to materialize a dream in a glass.

For the visits we have two formulas: smart and full experience. You just have to decide if you prefer to taste only some wines of our production or you prefer a more complete experience with a visit to the vineyards, the cellar and the barrel cellar with guided tasting of four references accompanied by a selection of local artisan products lasting about one hour. For just the tasting, smart formula, lasting up to about 30 minutes, nothing is required, while for the most complete offer, the full experience, we ask for € 15 per person.

Here are the stages of the full experience formula

1.Walk in the vineyard 

We will begin the experience by enjoying the scents of the earth while we walk through the vineyard managed in organic and biodynamic agriculture. We will accompany you to the vineyard of the Sun, where a wonderful panorama of peace and knowledge will open up before your eyes …

2.Visit to the cellar

From the vineyards we will move on to the cellar, where the actual vinification takes place using modern containers such as steel tanks or Geogian kvevri amphorae that come from the past. We will explain how our wines are born and you will not fail to experience those sensations that you can only find in an artisan cellar.

3.You can taste it!

Then finally we move on to the funniest and tastiest part! We will let you taste our wines paired with a selection of local artisanal products typical of the area. In this moment, as well as enjoying the wines, you will be able to clearly grasp all the aromas and stories that wine hides within itself.

Organize a trip to Tenuta La Viola to experience unforgettable moments.

Do you need to book?

Yes, to participate in the full experience formula it is essential to book by 3:00 pm of the day before the day of your interest.
This will allow us to organize and prepare everything in the best possible way!

How can you pay?

Payment can be made either in cash or electronically.

Can i bring my dog with me?

Yes, of course, your 4-legged friends are welcome, but please keep them on a leash.

Where can I stay?

If you come from far away we suggest you to stay at
– PANORAMA HOTEL https://www.hotelpanoramabertinoro.it/ in the center of Bertinoro
– MARE HOME https://marehome.it/ in Cesenatico
– HOTEL abc https://www.hotelabc-ra.com/ in Cervia

We are waiting for you in the cellar, book your visit!

To book your visit fill out the form below, call us in the cellar at +39 0543 445496 or write us via email at sales@tenutalaviola.it

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